Keeping It Local Since 1935

Southern Scrap Company, Inc., aka Southern Scrap and Waste Hauling, has been proudly serving Northwest Florida and South Alabama for over 80 years. We have a reputation for honesty, reliability and exceptional performance —- a reputation that we keep by ensuring that every transaction, every pickup, every drop-off is handled with efficiency, professionalism and care. We are committed to supporting your varying needs quickly and providing you with service tailored to meet your specific requirements.


In 1935, our founder, Jack Rosenbaum started Southern Hide, Wool and Junk Company in downtown Pensacola, Florida with two employees. The company was moved to its present location in 1936 when we landed our first major demolition of a saw-mill in Opp, Alabama. While bringing the scrap back into Pensacola, our truck broke down alongside the highway at our present location and we rented the land from the owners.  Recalling those early days in scrap metal processing, everything was handled by hand with torches, picks and axes, and pushed by wheelbarrows up make-shift ramps into trucks and railroad gondolas. There were no scales. Today we utilize sophisticated technology including electronic scales, scrap metal shears, cranes, computer systems,phone casino and heavy duty hydraulic equipment.

Southern Scrap Company, Inc. is a full service scrap metal processor, with both ferrous and non-ferrous operation and waste hauling. We have and continued to use the same business philosophy of our founders. We do provide excellent on time service, very competitive pricing, and we recycle today for tomorrow’s needs to save our valuable natural resources. Every day is Earth Day at Southern Scrap, also known as Southern Scrap and Waste Hauling.  Southern Scrap Company, Inc.  is a member of ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries), the national trade organization for recycling and actively participates in various trade and charitable organizations. Our company is also proud to be a drug-free workplace.